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Award Winning 360 Degree Brand/Business Growth Partner for your Global Business Expansion Needs (Since 2009)


From the Inception of Idea to Concluding the Targeted Sales Media Metrics Performs the complete Branding and Business Growth Partnership Support for all Industries through its Global Linked Partners across areas of expertise and Business.  Brands get Special Ideation and Incubation support during the Startup Stage and then the same Increases to fold to a complete International Sales and Marketing Support across the global Frontier.  From Startup to Conglomerate anyone who is having a product or services or trust or charity or even a message which needs to be spread across the world, then Media Metrics will be your go to Firm.  We are in this Field from 2009 and have experience in more than 300 projects ranging from a startup to delivering Design solution for 3 consecutive Olympics.  We can assure you that our interest and support can certainly take you to the global presence in a well planned and scheduled method where progress is not just seen but will be measured in every step towards the goal.

Global Subject Matter Experts at Work


The Biggest Advantage every client gets is the direct mentoring from the best of the best minds in the world of Business.  From Retail Store to Shipping, from kindergarten to big Iron and steel company, from startup one man residential sole proprietary unit to billion dollar Listed conglomerate, we have Subject matter Experts who derive every word of your communication meticulously through their experience which they have garnered over the years of their experience in the field overcoming the economic imbalances of more than 6 decades.  As a Client of MediaMetrics the world is in our hold where these experiences of our partners are transformed as the guilded gold borders of your corporate sales and marketing through the globe which inturn make you stand completely different in positive and most convincing way breaking your competition.

Affordable/Competitive Pricing


All Our Pricing model is based on starting small and growing along with the Brand.  Startups especially feel extremely comfortable with our pricing model that we are part of their marketing budget while our contribution hits a very high note in their bottom line.  We take it our commitment to see that bottom line hits a maximum and when it does our contribution leaves a un-disputable mark in the numbers.  we have crossed more than 300+ client roaster.  Strong as ever and wider in this rushing world where even a second loss is a business lost.  We take our world seriously and we take our win much more seriously.  When your business is with Media Metrics India, its in a very safe hands.


Featured Services


Global Business & Trade Catalyst Services (GBTC)

When any business gets an opportunity to get the entire world under their client cluster, then wouldn’t be the go to company for startups to conglomerate? This is where we will be fore runner for the world where the product of Media Metrics India – GBTC ( has a ground breaking formula of partnership with more than 14 Billion dollar Balance sheet companies all across the global Platforms. You have a brand or product or a service to Market GBTC/Media Metrics India is go to Firm for you. Feel Free to send your queries, we always respond. We have tonnes of friends all across the world, come join our network.  The Tag "Powered by GBTC" will give you the needed USP among y our competitors because the minute that lands in your communication you have now got an amazing partners round the world.  We Welcome you to contact us to explore the power of GBTC for your Business.  Together we strive, thrive and will cherish our victory as a team.  Welcome Aboard to GBTC - Our Red carpet awaits you...


Personal/Personality/Corporate Brand Communication Services - BRAND DECIBEL

Perception Matters!!!!!

Whether you are just a student leader to a leader of a country, whether your business is just a home based single laptop startup or a billion dollar conglomerate, whether you are a single book author or a widely named International Speaker, who ever you are or whatever your business is about, PERCEPTION MATTERS.  We create, communicate, publicize, protect and manage that perception of yours as close to your realty/vision/expected results.  With over 15+ Global Award winning achievements, we are one of the best in this industry and we would remain the same as our mileage among others are separated by years and several projects away  it takes a while for them to match our achievement.


Assisted Global Sales & Marketing Partnership

One of the Biggest Nightmare in business is filing a Null Balance Sheet in Income section.  With every investment done through heart or from pocket every business intends to succeed and would love to have clients all over the geographical boundaries.  At MediaMetrics Being a Global Growth Consultants we bring in needed expertise to identify the potential market and also devise the sales and marketing strategy for the same.  In our experience in most of the cases the actual sale begins even before our strategic communication placement sequence is over.  We become the sweethearts of the sales team Management as we bring down the cost of sale to lowest level as possible to increase the bottom line

our service / business expertise

Brand / Business Internal and External Communication Support


Every word, every letter and every bit of communication is important in Business arena.  Our Brand Decibel Services carefully inculcates every bit of care that is required to formulate, manage and promote the communication vision of corporates.

Global Digital PR Management


In Business what you see in the world is determined mostly by what the world sees you.  Brand Decibel Services of MediaMetrics cautiously and methodically plans and diversifies activities to carve the Brand and the perception which is communicated through the words, pictures and videos in the Global Press.

Startup Business Support


Every Business small or big is started with a vision to create a change and make money as it goes alone.  Growth is expected every day and expansion is the order of every minute.  Startup tremble is managed by MediaMetrics in a way how the Bird carefully protects and incubates its egg.  Success Guaranteed.

Brand Reputation Building / Management


Perception determines every branding activity, may it be just name of a person or corporate or product or even a service.  Its very easy to create a communication which is not well formulated and hence there comes the extreme risk for the Brand.  If you are in Brand Decibel, then rest assured, we will take care of your Brand the way we take care of our company.  Your Brand is our commitment.

Market/Business Intelligence Analysis


As you run along the Business in the never ending journey towards seeking excellence, we miss what the market talks to us.  As we combine our Brand Decibel Insights along with our GBTC experts reading, we come with knowledge unlimited series which cannot be quantified interms of value.  This elixir gives the much needed input to keep your next step in your business.

Mergers & Acquisition Support


Dynamics in Business comes along when the new players come into the market, few old players go out.  But most of the cases, its the consolidation market which determines the movement of Business.  With successful completion of 10+ Deals, MediaMetrics guarantees either way in sale or buy process the best possible support for your M&A deal or Bench Sale deals.

founder / managing partner

Sathish Sampath











GUEST LECTURER - Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, International Marketing, Organizational Behavior

Motto - Arise , Awake & Stop Not Till Goal is Reached - Swamy Vivekananda

  • Winner of 18 Business Leadership Award across the Globe
  • Won the IMJTS (Indo Malaysian Joint Trade Summit 2019)  award in September 2019 for Best Company in Class "Digital Marketing and Branding" for SME Segment ( Handling clients both in India & Malaysia)
  • Worked in 3 Consecutive Olympics Projects 
  • Has been the Lead Consultant for completing 11 M&A Deals worth 119Million USD (consolidated Market value of all deals)
  • Has lead and delivered more than 300+ web projects, 50+ Large Application Projects, 120+ SEO/SMO Projects
  • 3 times consecutive winner of prestigious CBA Awards, UK
  • Winner of Business Consultant of the Year Award from BCBM, UK
  • Concluded more than 1500+ Branding/ Identity Assignments through direct/mentored companies in 20 years
  • Mentoring more than 16 companies across the globe, from Startups to conglomerate

overseas projects testimonials

Brent Conver - CEO - Hospitality Firm, USA

 Sathish stepped in a role with the difficult task of reorganizing a large web production team. Through leadership and long hours he       was able to focus the team and move them in the right direction. 

Charles Lauller, Consulting Director, IT Firm USA

 Sathish is fantastic at completing all of the challenges he is assigned.  I saw him time and time again manage through very difficult tasks with exemplary results.  He's the kind of person you want on your       team. 

Andy Adkins, MD- IT Development Company, United Kingdom

  I am delighted to recommend Sathish Sampath to those looking for high quality IT services ranging from software/website development to data conversion with a top level of service. From start to finish his professionalism and service with all projects has been of the highest grade. All requests have been dealt with quickly and efficiently.  Communications with Sathish has been very clear, concise, and reliable.  All projects have been delivered on time even when deadlines are extremely tight.  The proof of the quality of your work comes from my clients who have all been delighted with the work produced by Sathish 

Justin Williams, CTO - UK Ecommerce Company

 Sathish has been providing SEO services for our company and I can say that he has been achieving great results. He has very in-depth knowledge of the industry and is very up front and honest about the realistic results of SEO campaigns. He has been a massive help and often goes above and beyond expectations. I would recommend him every time. 

Fitz Carlile, Hollywood Photographer, USA

 Sathish is one of the most talented, intelligent and motivated individuals I have ever had the priviledge to work with.  He has a deep understanding of abstract concepts and a superior grasp of business strategy and technology trends.  Sathish has a strong leadership style that lends towards nurturing and developing the potential of subordinates through empathy and a terrific grasp of the projects his staff undertake. 

Steve Huot, VP - Blizzard Entertainment, USA

 Sathish is a brilliant, permanent student of the world and had an international presence and cultural wisdom. He is highly motivated and whip-smart. He amazed me on many occassions with his vast knowledge on a wide ranging topics, from business intelligence to strategic vision. He was loved and respected by his subordinates and peers. I would be pleased to have the chance to work with Sathish again in the future. 

Indian clients testimonials

Shravan Gattupally - Sr. Partner - Chartered Accountant Firm - India

 We combinely worked for a client with MediaMetrics for their overseas Business Expansion and Global Financial structuring project.  The professionalism and transparency which we could see from the entire team helped us go leaps and bounds than our original scope of agreement.  Our final report was very well received by the client and we could get the deal more on a permanent basis.  If you need a company which can understand Complex Business and inturn give a practical solution which can be implementable in reality (not just in paper), MediaMetrics is your go to Firm.  As you work along you will realise how transparent their process is and the entire team works very closely to understand the Global exposure.  Sathish holds the control of the team well to make sure everytime they hit the deadline on time.  I strongly recommend them for any service that might be in your need list which matches their service list.  Best Wishes to whole of MediaMetrics Team 

Dhamodharan Renganathan, Global Operations Director - IT Company - India | USA | Belgium

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be  Professional and systematic approach with creative touch can be the perfect explanation of MediaMetrics Services.  With their global delivery experience they know the importance of time.  They are brutally honest and truthful, this is the key factor which attracted us to make them our suppliers in the first place.  The design and the UI knowledge of the team headed by Sathish Sampath will make you believe you always got more than what you paid for.  They have elevated themselves from the position of being a Supplier for our clients to becoming a partner to us.  Without any hesitation, i would recommend them to anyone across boundaries without any restriction on domain or functional areas.  They can be trusted, they can deliver on time and mainly they will know the purpose and need of your business. Best wishes to Sathish Sampath and his entire team 

Manoj Paul - Creative Director, International Business Consulting Company

 Its great to work with Sathish. He is hard working, process driven and professional. Most of all, he is not the serious grumpy manager type. Fun to work with! 

Our Domestic Policy : We work along with the client to make sure that they are well aware of our process and procedure.  we work well within the clients framework so that we understand their process and procedure.

Our Reach in India - We are very happy to share that our reach in India is in both English and in Vernacular Languages.  Our success and target binding campaigns has touched from 1 week old startup to a 100 year old British printing legend company (their Indian project).  

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